Shane Frisby is an American music producer who has worked with such acts as Bury Your Dead, Corpus Christi, The Ghost Inside, Martyrs and Madmen, Widow Sunday and many others.

Shane Frisby began his musical career early in life listening to metal and crankin’ out bass lines. He took his passion for music further when he joined the American metal band Cannae in 2001 as their bass player. Along with Cannae, he also toured with Trap Them, The Network, and Bury Your Dead. After touring, Frisby turned his focus to music production. He attended The New England Institute of Art, and graduated in 2002 with a bachelor’s degree in audio engineering and music business.

In 2008, Frisby built The Brick Hithouse from the ground up. His first notable production job came in 2009 with Bury Your Dead’s “Its Nothing Personal.” He has used that album to help him land production gigs with several other reputable bands, including The Ghost Inside and Cannae. Since opening in 2008, Frisby has enjoyed working with a variety of musicians and bands, as well as producing radio advertisements.